Thursday, February 09, 2006


OK, so it's the end of a thesis/work day, and I am going home. To a two-story house with blank walls, 13 foot high ceilings, a not-too-functional heater, and, most importantly, NO OTHER PEOPLE in it. Sound empty? uh, yeah.

And today, that's not a good thing, folks.

I mean, really, one of the most stinky things about being single is going home to an empty house. I do have a GREAT roommate, but she is, as they say, "attached," and frequently passes the dinnertime-into-evening hours at the home of her "attachment." And I don't like to be in our house alone.

And the place where I would go to escape the emptiness has been told (by me) to not let me in unless I have done 6 hours on my thesis today, and, uh...yeah...

Of course, one of my married coworkers, to whom I expressed the sentiment of this post, and who encouraged me to post on it, and who said he'd comment on it (wait, he just took that back, jerk!) said, "There are days, however, when you don't WANT to go home to someone asking you how your day went. You just want to watch the Simpsons and go to bed."


I just don't want to go home tonight to a cold empty house to spend several more hours on my thesis with no one to say "erg" to when I need to say "erg."

Man, once this thesis is done I am going to PAR-TAY. For, uh, lots of reasons besides this, but this also.

P.S. This will be the last grumpy post for at least...24 hours. :) Don't give up on me!

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The Daring One said...

How about if I say "erg" to YOU! ERG!